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Specialists in the Market Research Industry.

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You’re a market researcher… and you’re good at what you do. Gathering data and uncovering hidden insights, providing terrific client service with a national (or even international) client base. All good things! In addition, you have a business to run and, more importantly, to keep growing. That’s where marketing & sales come in… and that’s where we can help.

At Harpeth Marketing, we work exclusively with firms in the market research industry to help them put in place marketing & sales systems and processes that improve outcomes and increase revenues.

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    With our Outsourced Services, we work as part of your Marketing & Sales team, executing and reporting on the tactics you need to be successful.

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  • Consulting

    When outside expertise and perspective is needed, we provide a full range of engagements that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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  • Results

    Everything we do for our clients – from simple marketing activities to our impact on revenue growth – is measured and reported.

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