Focus on what you do best.

Leave the marketing to us.

You work in the market research industry – research agency, fieldwork firm, panel company or technology provider – and you’re very good at what you do. Your outstanding staff provides terrific client service to a national (or even international) client base. All good things!

But you also have a business to run and, more importantly, to keep growing. That’s where marketing & sales come in…

and that’s where we can help.

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Our Outsourced Marketing Services build awareness, generate & nurture sales leads and differentiate your firm in the marketplace.

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When outside expertise is needed, we provide a wide range of consulting engagements and specialty projects tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Everything we do for our clients – from simple marketing activities to our impact on revenue growth – is measured and reported.

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Across our industry, there are independent consultants, small business owners, seller-doers, senior executives at larger firms and lots of others who serve as part-time sales people. While they understand the importance of sales to their firm, the reason so many “hate sales” is that they have no real idea how to be good at it… don’t understand the buying-selling process… or how to talk with sales prospects in a way that really connects with them.

“I HATE SELLING!” — PART 1: DEVELOPING NEW CLIENTS will help readers to understand that effective, professional selling follows a proven process, the end result of which is helping your clients to make smart buying decisions.

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