“Should I advertise?

May 28th, 2014

advertise3I got an email from a client last week. In it, she said that an industry magazine had reached out to her about advertising in an upcoming issue with an editorial theme that tied in nicely with her services. And her question was, “Should I advertise in that issue?”

I wish the answer was a simple one, but like everything else in Marketing… it depends!

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Exhibiting at a conference this Fall? This eBook can help you succeed.

May 21st, 2014

eBook 6 Cover2Harpeth Marketing is pleased to announce the release of our 6th eBook, Marketing & Sales for the Market Research Firm: The Exhibitor’s Workbook.

Done right, exhibiting can be an outstanding marketing vehicle that helps you to generate highly-qualified sales leads, launch a new product or service, generate market awareness and support your association.

However, with the cost of the exhibit space, travel and lodging, your booth, shipping, event marketing, etc., your firm’s presence at an event could very well be the single largest marketing expense you have all year. Exhibiting is one of those things you must do really well to see a return on your investment. And this eBook can help…

The Exhibitor’s Workbook delves into:

  • Effectively preparing for an event
  • Promoting your presence as an exhibitor
  • Guidelines for “working the booth”
  • The best way to capture sales lead information
  • How to follow-up for maximum ROI

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Have a client that’s a pain-in-the-a**? Fire them!

May 14th, 2014

Trump You're Fired_1I was visiting a client recently in Southern California… a fast-growing firm with an interesting variety of clients. One of our conversations focused on the fact that several of their smaller clients (company size, not necessarily project size) were much more difficult to work with than any of their large ones.

Sounds backwards, doesn’t it? But that seemingly reverse logic is actually very consistent across most firms. Are you dealing with it?

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Get out from behind your desk!

May 6th, 2014

dinner1As I write this, I’m flying home from several days in Southern California, after working with a couple of clients. In both cases, there were just a few people sitting around a table, collaborating and working toward a common goal.  We did some planning, talked strategy, bounced ideas off of each other and, in the end, left with To-Do’s for each of us as we move forward together.

But more importantly… we also shared a meal, laughed, talked about families and discussed summer vacations. It was real human-to-human interaction.

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