Are there any GREAT Marketers in Market Research? Let’s recognize them!

August 27th, 2014

winner 4I spend a lot of time writing about what’s wrong with marketing in the market research industry… and how to fix it.

Lousy websites. Ineffective email marketing. A lack of content marketing. No strategy or planning. Cheesy social media marketing. Way-too-wordy print ads. And so on… and so on…

But not all MR firms do bad marketing all the time. In fact, I’d like to ask for your help in recognizing those firms in our industry (research firms, fieldwork & recruiting firms, technology shops and panel providers) that do exceptional work when it comes to their marketing.

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Don’t want to buy? Just say ‘no.’

August 20th, 2014

nancy-reagan-speaking-at-a-just-say-no-everettTwice in the past week, I’ve had that experience that everyone who’s ever done any kind of business development hates. No, it’s not getting rejected or losing out to the competition… instead, it’s not getting any kind of response from a sales prospect. Nothing. Nada.

And this wasn’t a ‘cold call’ where I was hoping to get a call back. This was after we had developed a bit of a relationship… both of these prospects had downloaded several eBooks from our website, we had shared long, back-n-forth email threads, had conversations that lasted nearly an hour and I followed-up with proposals that they had requested. And all I wanted to know was if they wanted to move forward.

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Whoever said ‘Innovate or Die!’ was right!

August 12th, 2014

franklin2My wife and I just got back from a walk around Franklin, Tennessee… one of this country’s great small towns, founded in 1799. It has the traditional, quaint Main Street (yes, it’s actually named that), lots of unique shops and restaurants and is jammed with visitors (both out-of-town tourists and locals) every weekend strolling the sidewalks. We’re lucky to live just 15 minutes away.

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How do you respond to, “That’s just too expensive!”

August 6th, 2014

priceOoooh… the dreaded, “I like it – but it’s just too expensive.” Or “It’s not in our budget.” Or “Your competition is 35% less.” Or some other legitimate – or not-so-legitimate – excuse.

How do you respond?

If you’ve done a good job of presenting your services, deliverables and value, then there are really only 3 ways you can respond…

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