Are you a partner… or just a vendor?

January 28th, 2015

partners 2Not all clients are created equal.

To some, you’re a good vendor providing a valuable service. And that’s great.

But to others, you are a valued partner whose relationship goes beyond providing the service… you are an integral part of their organization. They rely on you not just for the work you do, but also for your counsel, advice and opinions.

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Top articles and blog posts of 2014

January 20th, 2015

top 3We spend a lot of time writing articles, blog posts and other content for our industry – at least one article every month and one blog post every week – and we have since the day we opened our doors. So, out of curiosity, we looked back to see the top articles and blog posts of 2014.

We looked at the articles on our website, posts on our blog and posts to the publisher section of my LinkedIn profile… and listed the Top 3 most popular pieces from each one:

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Stop it already with the bad marketing, part 5: Selling!

January 13th, 2015

sales rep 4Over the past several weeks, we’ve explored several common marketing tactics (websites, email marketing, advertising and LinkedIn) and discussed many ways in which they are each being executed poorly in our industry… and several ways to improve them.

In this last post in the series, we take on SELLING. Whether you’re a dedicated sales rep, a researcher/consultant who does some part-time selling or the principle of a firm charged with revenue responsibility… this blog post is for you. And because we have all been on the receiving end of someone’s [bad] selling effort, I’ve written this post from the buyer’s perspective. I hope you find it helpful.

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Stop it already with the bad marketing! Part 4: LinkedIn

January 6th, 2015

linkedin4In the first three parts of this series, we’ve delved into…

This week, our focus is on the bad use of LINKEDIN. Note: while this post focuses on LinkedIn, most of the comments below also apply to other social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, etc.

For professionals in B2B firms, LinkedIn should be your #1 choice for social media marketing. I’ve seen some recent stats stating that LinkedIn has more than 330 million users worldwide, with over 107 million of them in the U.S.

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