About Harpeth Marketing

Our [brief] story, as told by our Founder, Steve Henke

I started my Market Research career in July 2005 when I joined 20|20 Research as its new President. In that role, I had a very interesting perspective into the industry and all of its players – research agencies, fieldwork firms, tech providers and so on. It didn’t take me long to observe that this is an industry that does not embrace marketing and sales. A statement – by the way – that no one has ever disagreed with!

It was that observation – coupled with my diverse background in marketing and sales – that led me to start Harpeth Marketing in early 2012. Initially, we opened our doors as strictly a consulting shop, but based on market and client needs, quickly morphed to become the ‘outsourced marketing department’ for many of our clients, managing the hands-on execution of a number of marketing initiatives. Today, we are proud to work with firms in our industry from coast-to-coast and around the world.

I have been fortunate (some might say ‘lucky’) to have brought together a team of professionals who do all the really hard work – the writing, graphic design, technology and project management – and in the process, take such excellent care of our clients. We wouldn’t have been here as long as we have without their dedication and off-the-charts talent.

As you read through the website and learn more about what we do, who we work with and how we’re different, if you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Good luck and good marketing,





P.S. We get asked about our name a lot. Here’s the story: Harpeth Marketing was named for the Harpeth River which flows through middle Tennessee, very close to where I live. It’s a beautiful stream that stretches for over 100 miles before emptying into the Cumberland River, and it is my primary destination for fishing and canoeing.

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