The Buying Funnel™

Buying Funnel #2

The sales prospect’s Buying Funnel™ – how he or she processes information to make buying decisions – has four fundamental phases, each one requiring a different kind of content:

  • Step 1: AWARENESS & INTEREST: A prospective buyer is made aware of your product or service and begins to learn a little about it, sparking some interest. Broad topic content is used here.
  • Step 2: EDUCATION: The prospective buyer, now intrigued, is motivated to learn more about your product or service (and your firm) and, in doing so, begins to form an opinion. More targeted, detailed information is made available to them here.
  • Step 3: CONSIDERATION & EVALUATION: The prospective buyer, now with a strong understanding of your product or service, starts thinking about the impact and the benefits of making a purchase. Use proof sources or call-to-action pieces here.
  • Step 4: DECISION: All the information and data has been reviewed and compared and the buyer finally “pulls the trigger.” Here, make sure your bid package is as good as it can be.

The Lead Builder Program™ leverages this Buying Funnel and puts the right content into the hands of prospective buyers at the appropriate time in the process.


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