Our Clients

Below is partial list of firms in the Market Research industry that we have coached, trained or provided marketing services to:

AOC Marketing Research (NC)
Artemis Strategy Group (DC)
AYTM | Ask Your Target Market (CA)
Brand Keys, Inc. (NY)
C+R Research (IL)
CarbonView Research (MA)
Catalyst Healthcare Research (TN)
Clear Seas Research (MI)
Communications for Research (MO)
Consensus Point (TN)
Culturati Research & Consulting (CA)
Custom Intercept Solutions (MN)
The Dieringer Research Group (WI)
Doyle Research (IL)
EBMRS Market Research (China)
Felton Willis (OH)
Fresh Squeezed Ideas (Canada)
FUEL Global (NY)
Mathew Greenwald & Associates (DC)
House of Marketing Research (CA)
Illumination Research (OH)
Imagine If Research & Insights (CA)
InfoScout (CA)
Innerscope Research (MA)
Insights in Marketing (IL)
Integrated Research Associates (OH)
J. Reckner Associates (PA)
L&E Research (NC)
MACRO Consulting, Inc. (CA)
Marketing Systems Group (PA)
Marketry, Inc. (AL)
MedQuery, Inc. (IL)
Morpace Inc. (MI)
MMR Strategy Group (CA)
Nebu (The Netherlands)
Pearl Strategy & Innovation Design (Canada)
Phoenix Marketing International (NY)
Precision Research (IL)
Psyma International Inc. (PA)
QRCA - The Qualitative Research Consultants Association
Quest Innovation LLC (IL)
RealLife Research (ME)
RTi Research (CT)
Russell Marketing Research Inc. (NJ)
StandPoint (GA)
ThinkNow Research (CA)
Vital Findings (CA)
WhatTheyThink Research (TN)
Zeitgest Research (WA)

“Harpeth Marketing has helped us create a voice in Social Media. Leveraging Harpeth Marketing’s skill set in content development and sound marketing advice has led to significant increases in our website visits and RFP requests.”

ThinkNow Research

“WOW! That looks INCREDIBLE! That is truly outstanding work – I love it! These will look FANTASTIC on our site! Thank you so much!”

Clear Seas Research

“Harpeth Marketing  offers an objective and seasoned perspective on how to build revenues–and uses a disciplined approach to help companies make it happen.”

Catalyst Healthcare Research

“You all are very responsive and provide honest, helpful feedback and consulting.”

Artemis Strategy Group

“Y’all did a great job!  Thanks to you and the whole team.  A pleasure to work with.”

Felton Willis

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