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Didn’t achieve your revenue goals this year? Do something about it!

December 11th, 2013

Time-for-ChangeAs you’ve probably heard before… the definition of ‘insanity’ is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting the results to change.

With that in mind, answer these questions…  How was business this year?  Did you exceed your revenue goals?  How many new clients did you pick up?  How many did you lose?  How about leads generated or conversion rates?

Here’s my point… if you’re not happy with your business development results – then do something about it!  More importantly – do something different!

Look ahead to 2014 and considering trying something totally new…

  • Pick a conference you’ve never been to (but always wanted to go to) and go… update your elevator pitch and network like crazy!  Maybe even become an exhibitor!
  • Just been blogging and using LinkedIn… start using a new social media platform this year (maybe Twitter or Google+).
  • Take a critical look at your website… if it’s been more than a couple of years since you’ve made any changes – it’s probably time to update it.
  • Has all your content marketing been the written word?  This year, produce a series of videos or podcasts.
  • Afraid of advertising?  Test PPC (pay per click) advertising on LinkedIn.  C’mon, even you can afford $10/day!
  • Using content marketing?  Don’t just wing it… this year, create a content calendar – plan ahead for what you’re going to write about.
  • Enhance your measurement… use a [free] tool like bitly.com to track the links in your marketing efforts.
  • Want to build awareness in a big way?  Then produce something big – like a webinar or eBook… then promote the hell out of it!
  • Here’s something almost no one does… Commit to calling 1 ex-client every week (I hope you don’t have that many) and trying to rekindle your relationship with them.
  • Want to really get outside the box?
    • Hire your first sales rep
    • Hire  your first full-time marketing person
    • Launch a new service or product

Remember… if you keep doin’ what you’re doin’… you’ll keep getting’ what you’re gettin’.  If you want to change the results of your business development efforts in 2014, then you have to change the activities that help get you there.

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