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January 17, 2017

Strategy & Planning are Easy… Marketing Execution is Hard!

Hard & EasyOK, strategy and planning are not easy… not even a little. They require focused time and critical thinking – two assets often in short supply around the office. But once they’re done… they’re done. Then the real work begins.

I was out of town last Thursday and Friday working with a new client. It was for two days of coaching on marketing strategy and planning… helping them to focus their business development efforts then putting in place some targeted tactics to execute over the coming months. And it went really well.

Now the question is… will any of those agreed-to tactics actually get executed?

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January 9, 2017

12 Marketing & Sales Activities you Gotta STOP this Year!

Consider these your 2017 Anti-Resolutions…

stop-2Yup, it’s that time of the year… when you find all kinds of articles and blog posts from marketing & sales gurus about the kinds of New Year’s Resolutions you need to be setting on how to achieve growth for your business. And while I’m all in favor of starting off the new year by adopting some new ideas, processes and techniques… let me suggest that before you do that, you STOP some of the bad habits you’ve been living with up until now. Here are just a few…

STOP “winging it” with your marketing and sales. Block off some time (now!) and give it some real strategic thought and put together a basic marketing & sales plan to follow.

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