How We’re Different

Does the world really need another marketing firm?  If you Google “outsourced marketing” or “marketing consultant,” you’ll be rewarded with a list of literally thousands of firms. So, what makes Harpeth Marketing unique? Several things, we think…

  • Market Research is where we live. Harpeth Marketing is one of the very few marketing support firms with a background in market research and a 100% focus on the industry.
  • Our focus is on “execution”… on getting things done. Our Outsourced Marketing Services were developed for those firms without the experience, expertise or time to do it themselves. We are driven by the idea that focused activity = measurable results.
  • We believe in “process.”  All of our client work – outsourced services, training or consulting – is built on it. We’ve even developed a proprietary process to help those in the MR industry better understand the marketing & sales process; it’s called the Marketing & Sales Pyramid™.
  • Accountability and Transparency. All Outsourced Marketing Services clients receive weekly email recaps and a monthly report detailing all of the activities completed and resulting metrics. We then follow that up with a monthly call to review, discuss and answer any questions.

To learn more about how we’re different, contact us at or (615) 866-0430.

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