Problems We Solve

Every single day, in the normal course of conducting business, you have to deal with issues arising from projects, clients, vendors and employees… and you handle them all just fine.

But what about dealing with problems in an area where you might not be an expert or have years of experience to draw on? Often, this is the case in our industry with marketing & sales… and even if you do have the skills and experience, do you have the time?

Are you familiar with these kinds of growth issues?

  • “We cannot clearly articulate our competitive advantage – how we are different than our competitors – and why we should be hired instead of them.”
  • “It’s feast or famine around here… how do we change that?”
  • “We’re just not salespeople. We really need a process for generating and nurturing leads and responding to inquiries.”
  • “I wish I could spend more time helping to grow our business, but I’m just so wrapped up doing other things.”
  • “Our marketing is tactical and re-active in nature. It is rarely strategic or planned-out.”
  • “We rely too much on one or two big clients for our success.”

These marketing & sales problems are real and must be addressed if your firm is to gain a competitive advantage and grow the way you want it to. Harpeth Marketing can help. Our work together puts you in charge of your marketing & sales, resulting in a proven, measurable approach to revenue growth.

To learn more about how we help solve your marketing & sales problems, contact us at or (615) 866-0430.

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