ebook #11

How to Manage Sales in the Market Research Industry

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, many firms are having to hire, train and manage – often for the first time – a dedicated sales rep (or sales team). And that’s simply a process not many business owners and senior executives are comfortable with or have much experience with.

How to Manage Sales in the Market Research Industry can help fill in some of those gaps.

ebook #8

Think Before You Act 6 Unique Ways to Be Strategic about Growing Your Business

Implementing marketing & sales activities without giving any real thought to what should be done, how it should be done and if it even aligns with the goals and needs of the firm is an all-too-common problem in our industry. Too often, we just do things to be able to say that we’re doing things! This eBook will help you to think about your business in ways you may not have before and, hopefully, help you to determine a clear direction that will drive your marketing & sales forward.

ebook #7

Why Should I Choose You? How to Differentiate your Firm in a Crowded Marketplace

As the leader of a research firm, you have a virtually unlimited number of marketing strategies to choose from, but none more important than “differentiating your firm in the marketplace.” The trick is in finding the PODs – Points of Differentiation – that are right for your business.

ebook #6

The Exhibitor’s Workbook

Our 6th eBook helps firms in the MR industry maximize their ROI from exhibiting at conferences by helping them with logistical preparation, pre-show marketing, “working the booth”, capturing sales leads and how to effectively follow-up.

ebook #5

A Content Marketing Guidebook

Our 5th eBook helps firms in the MR industry understand what content marketing really is and its benefits to a MR firm. It explores the implementation process and how to integrate it with sales, how to effective promote content and the #1 secret to success.

ebook #4

The Top 10 Tips for the Top 10 Marketing Tactics: 100 Killer Marketing & Sales Ideas from Seven Different Experts

Our 4th e-book focuses on helping readers get the most out of their tactical execution… on making things happen to achieve results. Each chapter delivers 10 specific ideas/tips/how-tos on topics like content marketing, social media marketing, creating great presentations, building a sales team and more.

ebook #3

12 Reasons Why Your Marketing & Sales Might Not Be Working and What You Can Do About It

Our third e-book helps to address the results of ineffective marketing & sales… it looks at problems like a declining number of bids, feast-or-famine revenue, missed business opportunities, a lack of sales leads and an inability to articulate your competitive advantage… and shows you how to fix them.

ebook #2

How to Build an Effective Business Development Structure

E-book #2 addresses the challenge of understanding the responsibilities of marketing and sales positions, deciding which kinds of positions are needed to help your firm achieve its revenue goals and managing them both effectively.

ebook #1

The Fundamentals

Our first e-book helps to provide a basic understanding of what’s needed to successfully grow revenue in our industry. Its topics include creating a marketing & sales plan, how to set marketing strategy, selling for the non-sales rep and measuring marketing.

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