The Marketing Loop

Marketing and sales are processes. They are not based on luck, gut feel or magic. Successful marketing & sales require a disciplined, well-planned, step-by-step approach to achieving your goals.

The Marketing Loop™ is the framework for our process. It is a comprehensive methodology for developing an understanding of all aspects of your business, uncovering opportunities and bringing them together with the appropriate strategies and tactics into a measurable, accountable marketing & sales plan.

Here’s How it works…

PHASE 1: 360 Business Review™

Only when you understand where your company has been, can you make informed decisions on where to go in the future and how to get there. The 360 Business Review™ helps you to think through the past and present status of your company and covers your:

  • Marketing & sales initiatives
  • People, products and processes
  • Clients
  • Competition
  • Industries you serve

PHASE 2: Strategy Development

‘Strategies’ are broad directional statements that define what you will do to achieve your goals. In Phase 2, you will take what was learned during the 360 Business Review™ and use it as the basis for developing your strategies. This is the most critical step in developing your marketing & sales plan.

PHASE 3: Plan Development

Phase 3 starts with determining which tactics are the best ones to support the strategies. This is where all of the details are spelled out for your action plan – the what, who, when, how many, how much, how often and so on. We then integrate those tactics with your goals and budgets. Finally, we establish the execution tools, including timelines, measurement guidelines, testing, expectations, responsibility, reporting and so on.

PHASE 4: Execution & Measurement

Once execution of the plan begins, the Measurement phase kicks-in. The Measurement takes place at two levels… Activity: the kind of marketing & sales responses that were generated (e.g. website visits, leads generated, email click-thrus, etc.) and ROI: the level of revenue that was generated. This data is communicated to management through a regular reporting process.

PHASE 5: Recommendations

Because we have built in the discipline of tracking results, we know what works and what doesn’t, and can now make recommendations for evolving and improving your marketing efforts as you go through the loop again. The Marketing Loop, when followed properly, is a mechanism for continual improvement.

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