Consulting & Coaching

When you need guidance around strategy, planning, management and processes. 

For the leaders of Market Research firms that need to tap into outside perspective and expertise related to marketing and sales, Steve Henke, our Founder and President, can serve as a valuable and experienced resource.

Steve draws on a 30-year career in marketing, sales and corporate management. After a thriving marketing & sales career in a number of industries, in 2001, he founded his first marketing consultancy, serving businesses in the mid-South, one of which was 20|20 Research. At the end of a successful engagement with them, he was hired on as President there, and over the next six years, led efforts that tripled annual revenues. While Steve was there, 20|20 was also named one of the 10 most innovative firms in the GreenBook Research Industry Trends [GRIT] Report.

Since founding Harpeth Marketing in 2012, Steve has worked with scores of firms in the Market Research industry and brings to bear that experience in today’s ever-changing and ultra-competitive environment. He is also the most prolific writer about sales & marketing in our industry, having authored over 300 articles and a dozen eBooks.

During these coaching and consulting sessions, Steve can:

  • Provide objective counsel on a wide range of marketing and sales issues.
  • Be a sounding board for new ideas, problems, etc.
  • Lead discussions on challenging topics like strategy, positioning and sales management.
  • Help develop marketing and sales plans and processes.
  • Work with/coach your team on specific marketing and sales issues.
  • Execute a comprehensive marketing and sales audit.
  • Serve as a fractional marketing and/or sales manager.

To learn more about how our Consulting & Coaching Engagements can benefit your firm, contact us at or (615) 721-5330.

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