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Planning & Execution Management

During a Planning & Execution Management engagement, we work side-by-side with your business development team to create and then manage the execution of a comprehensive marketing & sales plan. As part of our work together, we also teach you how to do what we do, providing you with a sustainable, integrated program for profitable growth long after we’re gone.

The engagement activities follow Harpeth Marketing’s Marketing & Sales PyramidTM and can be outlined as follows:

Step 1: A 1-day “kick-off” meeting at your offices to introduce the program to your team, establish program guidelines and begin the process

Step 2: Creation of the marketing & sales plan (est. 2-4 weeks) done in conjunction with a designated client marketing person(s)

  • Conduct a confidential 360 Business Review™, ensuring that we have a thorough understanding of your company, clients and competitors.
  • Determine market positioning and establish marketing strategies
  • Create the operational marketing & sales plan

Step 3: Execution of the plan begins

  • Weekly “status check” conference calls (facilitated by HM)
  • Quarterly, 1-day, in-person meetings
  • On-going measurement and reporting of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Step 4: Planning for the next marketing cycle

The benefits of the Planning & Execution Management program come from achieving the plan objectives and can include:

  • Revenue growth, over & above existing trends
  • Defining a unique position in the marketplace
  • Lead generation and pipeline development
  • An increase in the number of first-time clients
  • An increase in the percentage of return clients
  • Tools, systems and trained personnel in place for on-going marketing & sales success
  • Establishing a marketing & sales team structure

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