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The Seller’s Reality™

One of the great truisms in business is this… “The Buyer’s Perception is the Seller’s Reality.“

And while most business leaders and managers have a solid understanding of their firms, it is usually through an internal lens.  What is often missing is that external perspective… an understanding of their firm from outside the walls of the office.

The Seller’s Reality™ program helps you to develop a thorough understanding of the environment in which you work by gathering data from three distinct external groups:

  • Your current clients: We help you understand what they really think of your firm, why they use you, who else they might be using, how your firm differentiates itself from the others and more.
  • Your past clients:  We help manage a series of conversations that you have with past clients as a means to understand why they are no longer your client, how their work is getting done now and what else has changed in their business environment.
  • Your competitors:  All business people have opinions about their competition.  But how accurate are those perceptions?  Through critical website evaluations and a secret shopping exercise, we help you to develop a more accurate picture of what you’re really up against.

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