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Lead Builder Program™, V2.0


Using content marketing to generate sales leads and move them though the Buying Funnel™.


Dfrustrated-man-with-phone1Boes this sound familiar?

Business is off a little, so the cry goes out… “We need more sales leads… we need to fill the pipeline.”

Sounds easy… so what do you do? Perhaps you go online to industry directories and start looking up names from targeted companies. Then what? Then you start “dialing for dollars!” Cold calling! The most inefficient and emotionally draining thing any salesperson can do.

And if you do get through… you need to get a little lucky! Do they have any interest in what you’re selling? And if they do, where are they in their buying cycle? And what’s the timing of their purchase?

Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with a lot of names in your in-house database… and while they might not be “cold” names, those contacts haven’t done business with you – or even heard from you – in years.

But you pick up the phone anyway… only to find out that more than half of your contacts are no longer at the phone number you had on file. Very disappointing.

So much activity… so little results. There’s got to be a better way.

There is… and Harpeth Marketing has it.

The Lead Builder Program™ was developed for exactly the scenarios described above… when firms need to generate qualified sales leads or reignite old contacts in their CRM. The Lead Builder Program™ takes advantage of Triggered Content™ – sending out a series of targeted, timed content pieces – to not only generate sales leads, but to continuously engage with them over time, moving them through the Buying Funnel™ … resulting in well-qualified, receptive sales leads, ready for follow-up.


Why choose the Lead Builder Program™?

Many firms take advantage of content marketing, but often in a haphazard way. The topics they write about vary widely from one post to the next. That is… no continuity… no focus.

But content marketing can do so much more. Properly planned, executed and managed… good content can generate sales leads and then move them through the Buying Funnel™. In addition, the Lead Builder Program™ will also…

  • Effectively position your firm in the marketplace
  • Showcase your knowledge and expertise
  • Differentiate your firm from your competitors
  • Build awareness across your target markets
  • Enhance the results of SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Generate engaged sales leads, not just names from a directory
  • Nurture those leads over time, qualifying them further in each step of the process

The Lead Builder Program™ not only helps with the prospective buyer’s decision-making process… but in a way that leaves them ready for and predisposed to accepting sales calls.

phone1And if you don’t have the expertise, experience or staff to make those calls… Harpeth Marketing does.

To learn more about how our Lead Builder Program™ can help generate and nurture qualified sales leads for your firm, contact us at (615) 866-0430 or info@HarpethMarketing.com.

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