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Lead Builder Program™

Regardless of your sales philosophy or sales processes… virtually no sale has ever taken place that didn’t start out as some sort of ‘sales lead.’  That lead-to-project process has two primary phases:

  • Lead Generation: connecting with and then collecting contact information from those prospective buyers that might have a need for your services.
  • Lead Nurturing: following up on the leads you generated in an effort to qualify them, understand their needs, build relationships and move them forward in the buying cycle.

Lead Generation should be one of the primary strategies for every firm’s business development program… it’s what “feeds the top of the sales funnel.”   This has traditionally been accomplished through activities like advertising, networking, social media and cold calling… essentially “shaking hands” and “knocking on doors” to stir up activity.

Often, though, the results are disappointing, with few too leads being generated.  Ads rarely seem to work… most people have a genuine fear of networking… and even seasoned sales professionals don’t like to make cold calls.

But what if prospective clients would come to you?  In essence, ‘opting in’ to the buying/selling process?  Do that… and the odds of them becoming a client at some point increase dramatically.

The sales process is more than just a numbers game, however.  It’s also about Lead Nurturing, the on-going process of communicating and building relationships with prospective buyers that are not quite ready to buy… with the goal of earning their business when they are ready.

This idea of making sure that there is recurring contact with those leads so that your firm stays top-of-mind often proves to be one of the biggest “lost opportunities” in our industry because it requires persistence and a little hard work.  For example… you come home from a conference with a pocketful of business cards from potential clients, only to have them end up forgotten in the back of a desk drawer.  Or you work for years to build up a database of high-quality potential buyers, only to ignore them and allow them to grow cold.

But what if there was an easy, structured process that would ensure that no opportunities would ever fall through the cracks?

The Solution

At Harpeth Marketing, we’ve combined broad-reaching lead generation techniques with consistent and persistent lead nurturing activities to create the Lead Builder Program™ that:

  • Builds awareness for your firm across your target markets
  • Creates and reinforces a position for your firm in the minds of your prospects
  • Delivers sales leads on a regular and consistent basis
  • Qualifies and then nurtures those leads over an extended period of time
  • Delivers “project ready” prospects back to you for responding to RFPs and discussing project design

How does it work?

The Lead Builder Program™ is a comprehensive lead generation/lead nurturing program built specifically around your needs and your resources.  It includes:

And all of that for less than the cost of a full-time employee.

To learn more about how the Lead Builder Program™ can help drive revenue to your firm, contact us at (615) 415-3980 or info@HarpethMarketing.com.

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