Outsourced Services

When you don’t have the time, experience or desire to do marketing in-house, outsource it to a firm that specializes in marketing for the Market Research industry.

Depending on your needs, goals and budget, we select from our arsenal of marketing tools to craft a solution that’s the right fit for you…

  • Lead Builder Program™: Not every sales lead becomes a client… but every client did start out as a sales lead. There’s just no way around it! A constant supply of sales leads is critical to your revenue growth.
  • Awareness Builder Program™: Companies can’t do business with you if they don’t know you exist! Building and (as importantly) maintaining a level of awareness in the mind of your target market is critical to your success.
  • Customized programs: We can also customize a program that is the perfect match for what you need, or even develop add-ons for one of the programs above.

Our work isn’t just about execution. All Outsourced Marketing clients also benefit from:

  • An extensive planning process on the front end
  • Editorial and marketing activities calendars that guide our work together
  • An email update on program status and activities, delivered every Friday afternoon
  • Access to an online dashboard tracking the metrics from all marketing and promotional efforts, updated every month
  • A monthly conference call to discuss program status and any suggestions for ‘tweaking’ activities

With Harpeth Marketing, you can focus on what you do best… and leave the marketing to us.

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