Custom Sales Training

Custom Sales Training Workshops

For those firms that have invested in larger business development teams, each Custom Sales Training Workshop is built with two objectives in mind:

  1. To address the biggest gaps in their team’s overall skill set
  2. To incorporate their actual services and products into the classroom lessons to help the learning come to life

To customize the Workshop and ensure that it addresses the areas of highest need, all participants complete a Selling Skills Assessment, where they provide feedback on their selling strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the client’s sales leadership also completes an assessment of their team’s strengths and weaknesses. The collective insights gathered from these assessments allow us to hone in on those areas of highest need and deliver a training workshop targeted specifically to address them.

In addition, the exercises we employ during the workshop – workbook exercises, role playing, etc. – integrate each client’s actual products and services, so that the classroom lessons are as “real” as possible, helping to cement the learning in the minds of the participants.

The final training agenda will be a combination of what management wants for its sales team and what the sales team says it needs.

In addition to the assessments and the workshop itself, this program includes…

  • A workbook for each participant to use for note-taking and completing a number of in-class exercises.
  • Two follow-up sessions, delivered at approximately 3 months and 6 months after the in-person workshop ends. These will be hour-long, online sessions designed to reinforce content from the in-person workshop.

To learn more about our Custom Sales Training Workshops, contact Steve Henke at or call 615.721.5330.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“We recently asked Steve to develop & present a sales training workshop for our team of seller-doers. It turned out better than we could have imagined! He was able to deliver his deep level of expertise in sales & management in a clear, engaging way. Steve installed the overarching sales concepts & processes without making it heavy. Our mostly self-taught team easily grasped the new information & connected it to their own experiences. Then he armed the group with a slew of simple tips & techniques that we were able to put to work immediately! To say that Steve ‘transformed’ how we think about sales & our strategy going forward would be an understatement.”

Eric Hunter, VP Strategy – Russell Research

“Recently, we brought in Steve to participate in our strategy and new business development meeting. His training was on point, role playing was exactly what we needed and his style worked for everyone in the room. Without question, everyone left the meeting energized and armed with new ideas on how to approach new business development! Thanks, Steve! Job well done!”

Merrill Dubrow, CEO – M/A/R/C Research

“Steve’s direct yet passionate approach to sales has had significant effects on how most roles at Gongos approach client relationships. Many of our staff immediately put the training into action that resulted in several new projects for Gongos! This momentum is exciting to the employees to experience immediate success. Steve’s wealth of knowledge and experience obviously shines through in his sales training – very detailed, proactive, objective and non-salesy. He takes a very holistic approach to teaching the sales process in a way that breaks down tactics in an easy to understand way for any level.”

Cheryl Halverson, Chief People Officer – Gongos, Inc.

“Harpeth Marketing led an outstanding sales training workshop for our team. We worked together in advance to make sure the content was well-suited to our organization and would address many of the learning opportunities for our team members. The session was just the right mix of classroom time, group activities, role-playing, and fun. We really appreciate Steve’s understanding of the unique needs of a firm in our space and his ability to boost every attendee’s confidence in his or her own abilities. Thank you, Steve, for a very impactful training experience!”

Felicia Rogers, Executive VP – Decision Analyst, Inc.


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