Seller-Doer Workshop

A vast majority of those responsible for business development at Market Research agencies are not professional sales people. And they did not get into MR to be in sales. Most are researchers who, by virtue of their position – or perhaps inherent personality – have been thrust into the role. Which means they likely have little experience, don’t understand the process of selling and don’t really have a handle on what it takes to be successful on a day-to-day basis. It’s for those MR professionals that we developed this workshop.

“We recently asked Steve to develop & present a sales training workshop for our team of seller-doers. It turned out better than we could have imagined!

He was able to deliver his deep level of expertise in sales & management in a clear, engaging way. Steve installed the overarching sales concepts & processes without making it heavy. Our mostly self-taught team easily grasped the new information & connected it to their own experiences. Then he armed the group with a slew of simple tips & techniques that we were able to put to work immediately!

To say that Steve ‘transformed’ how we think about sales & our strategy going forward would be an understatement.”

Eric Hunter, VP Corporate Strategy
Russell Research

Program Content

While there is a basic structure (below) to the training, it will be customized to each client, based on their existing structure, needs and objectives…

An Introduction to Sales

  • Workshop Goals
  • Why the seller-doer model is so difficult
  • What is selling/what does it mean to you?
  • Core selling philosophies
  • Understanding each step in the Sales & Marketing process

Acquiring New Clients

  • Effective Networking
  • Utilizing LinkedIn
  • Solving problems
  • Your competition
  • The language of sales
  • Capabilities presentations
  • Following-up

Maintaining and Growing Existing Clients

  • The ‘mindset’ of working with clients
  • The 2 most important keys: Trust & Communication
  • How well do you know your clients?
  • Client touchpoints – how to stay top of mind
  • Managing key accounts
  • How to be “the expert”
  • Getting ‘personal’ with clients
  • Measuring/quantifying your relationship with clients
  • Getting ‘social’ with clients
  • Setting & managing client expectations
  • Leveraging relationships for ‘proof sources’
  • Building broader and deeper relationships

Creating a personal sales plan

  • Goal-setting
  • Think activity: by key clients and in general
  • Your sales pipeline


  • A new way of reporting to management
  • To be completed after the workshop:
    • Completion of unfinished exercises
    • Building a ‘sales library’
    • Discussion topics for future sales meetings

The Trainer

Steve Henke, Founder & President of Harpeth Marketing

Steve is a highly-regarded presenter in our industry, having spoken at numerous events hosted by the Insights Association (and CASRO & MRA before that), Quirk’s, QRCA and Greenbook. He is also the most prolific writer about sales & marketing in our industry, having authored over 350 articles and a dozen eBooks.


To learn more about how our Seller-Doer Sales Training Workshop can benefit your firm, contact us at or (615) 721-5330.

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