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Most people responsible for business development in the Market Research industry are not sales professionals. They are researchers, project managers, practice leaders or business owners who have gotten ‘stuck’ with the responsibility of growing revenue. The problem is that, often, these “seller-doers” don’t have the knowledge, skills or tools necessary to be successful at selling. Worse, they don’t want to sell or don’t like to sell.

So, what happens? Rather than consistently dedicating a portion of their time to selling, these seller-doers fall back into doing those things that are most comfortable for them… project work, client management, etc. And the more of that they do, the less selling they do, taking them further and further away from growing their firm.

If you’re a seller-doer and that describes you, we can help…

Harpeth Marketing’s Seller-Doer Workshop was developed specifically to address the challenges of those seller-doers who have been tasked with selling, but don’t really know how to go about being successful at it.

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss this Event

Interested in learning more? Take a look at all the ways you benefit by participating in our Seller-Doer Workshop:

  1. By broadening your understanding, we’ll help you to dispel any old myths you have about selling… and maybe even get you to like it!
  2. You’ll walk away from the workshop with a toolbox full of tips, tricks & techniques to help you acquire new clients and retain existing ones.
  3. Because it’s online, there’s no time or money spent traveling to a hotel or conference venue; you can participate from home, your office or a coffee shop.
  4. If you miss one of the online sessions or just want go back over a particular topic, no worries… you can simply watch the recordings we send out.
  5. The Workbook we provide is a complete resource… not only does it give you a place to take notes during the online sessions, but the ‘homework’ pages in it will bring the lessons to life and help you to customize them to your individual situation.
  6. This program is purpose-built for the Market Research industry. Steve Henke, our presenter, is a leading expert in sales & marketing for firms in the MR industry and brings his years of experience to bear with this program.
  7. Most importantly, you’ll take the skills and selling ideas you’ve learned and build them into a personalized sales plan to help you be more successful. And this planning process is repeatable, making sure you’re successful year-after-year.

Cohort #2 of the Seller-Doer Workshop takes place January 10/17/24, 2020. Registration will open soon.

The Workshop Agenda

An Introduction to Sales

  • Why the seller-doer model is so difficult
  • What is selling/what does it mean to you?
  • The 7 Core philosophies of selling professional services
  • Understanding each step in the Sales & Marketing process
  • The one thing most often missing in sales (especially with seller-doers)

Acquiring New Clients

  • Effective Networking
  • Utilizing LinkedIn
  • Solving problems
  • Your competition
  • The language of sales
  • Asking good questions
  • Qualifying sales leads
  • Delivering capabilities presentations
  • Working with marketing
  • Warm follow-up
  • Cold calling
  • Cold emailing
  • Following-up
  • The 1 question every prospect has

Maintaining and Growing Existing Clients

  • The ‘mindset’ of working with clients
  • The 2 most important keys: Trust & Communication
  • How well do you know your clients?
  • Client touchpoints – staying top-of-mind between projects
  • Managing key accounts
  • How to be “the expert”
  • Getting personal with clients
  • Measuring/quantifying your relationship with clients
  • Getting social with clients
  • Leveraging relationships for proof sources
  • Building broader and deeper relationships
  • Re-engaging former clients & prospects

Creating a personal sales plan

  • Tools you’ll need
  • Goal-setting
  • Activity & frequency: by key clients and in general
  • Your sales pipeline
  • Moving forward

How it Works…

Step 1: You’ll log in online on three consecutive Fridays, each time for a 2-hour online lesson.

Step 2: After each lesson, you’ll have a week to complete your “homework” (estimate 2-3 hours each week), where you’ll apply what you learned online to your unique situation. And yes, we provide the workbook.

Step 3: After three lessons and three rounds of homework, you’ll ‘graduate’ with the new skills and new techniques necessary to be more effective at selling. In addition, you will also have created a customized & personalized sales plan – a repeatable process that will keep you on track for years to come.

Cohort #2 of the Seller-Doer Workshop takes place January 10/17/24, 2020. Registration will open soon.

To be contacted when the Fall 2019 dates & times are announced, contact us at

Speaker bio…

Steve Henke is President and Founder of Harpeth Marketing, experts in marketing & sales solutions for the Market Research Industry. Before starting Harpeth Marketing in 2012, Steve was President of 20|20 Research for six years, tripling revenues during his time there. His background includes marketing & sales staff and management positions in several industries. In addition, he has started & managed multiple sales teams and built & delivered sales training programs to salespeople across the country. Steve is also a highly-regarded presenter in our industry, having spoken at numerous events hosted by the Insights Association (and CASRO & MRA before that), Quirk’s, QRCA and Greenbook. He is also the most prolific writer about sales & marketing in our industry, having authored over 400 articles and a dozen eBooks.

What past participants are saying…

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. The practical guidelines and real-life examples helped to drive things home. I’ve already implemented changes based on what I’ve learned, resulting in more impactful client conversations and closed deals!”

Melissa Usseglio
RTi Research

“Steve was engaging, without the typical “sales guy” personality. He provided specific examples, templates for tools to use, and most importantly, ways to hold yourself accountable so you don’t always push selling to the bottom of your to-do list. Very motivational.”

Jennifer Murphy
Decision Analyst

“Thank you Steve for providing a well thought out program and for presenting effective solutions that builds upon our existing strengths and provides ideas for continuous improvement on our sales efforts. At the end of the workshop I emerged energized and ready to ramp up our sales efforts with deepened skills. The training was expertly delivered and you kept everyone engaged and even entertained while learning.”

Amy Siadak
House of Marketing Research

“I highly recommend this course to any seller-doer. It gave me a holistic understanding of the sales process from growing existing customer revenue to expanding your client base. It also provides a step by step process for developing your own personal sales plan.”

Rob Riester
Peel Research Partners, Inc.

“Steve’s knowledge of selling across the board is readily apparent, and he communicates this information clearly and patiently. The workshop materials alone are an incredible benefit. I learned a lot and, perhaps more importantly, my philosophy about sales has been transformed.”

Mindy Richards
Convergence Consulting

“Steve brings up the point early on that any activity breeds progress, and just participating in the seminar kickstarted my business development efforts. The seminar is very focused on action and opening up the black box that for us sellers and doers is sales. As a result of attending, I am no longer as overwhelmed and mystified of the whole business development thing and taking clear steps forward.”

Ted Kendall
TripleScoop Premium Market Research

“Steve’s seller/doer workshop is a very quick way to collect a lot of learning around the selling process and how to make a consistent sales effort. I now use it as a constant reminder to keep up the sales effort.”

Chris Hauck
Lynx Research Consulting

“The sessions were well organized, in depth and provided a platform for creating a better sales mentality for those with multiple responsibilities.”

Brad Larson
Ironwood Insights Group, LLC

“Knowing Steve, I had high expectations going into the workshop… so the fact that the Seller-Doer workshop exceeded my expectations really says something!”

Matt O’Mara
Cranbrook Search

Do you have a large team of Seller-Doers?

Would you like to have the Seller-Doer Workshop customized for your firm and delivered in-person to your seller-doer sales team? We do that, too. To learn more, contact Steve Henke at

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